Gerrymandering: Destruction Of A Democracy-101

10–14 minutes to read Is every vote of equal strength? Does every vote, cast at any part of the nation, possess the same effect? Let’s use the 2018 General Elections (GE-14) as an example. The Kapar parliamentary constituency [P109] represents one seat ...

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The deathly silence of dissent in our courts…

8–12 minutes to read

Dissent means disagreement between judges.  In a case comprising, say 3 judges, a dissent occurs when one judge distances himself or herself from the other 2 on grounds of legal principle. A dissent is not without ...

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Is Any Former Prime Minister Immune From Criminal Prosecution?

7–10 minutes to read

A recent spate of social media messages argue that the former prime minister Najib enjoys absolute immunity from criminal sanction. The messages refer to an article by Mr Charles Hector, entitled: ‘Najib – Cannot be ...

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Does The AG Need To Be A Malay Or A Muslim? Does He Have To Advise On Syariah Law?

9–14 minutes to read

The nation is trundling towards a calamitous constitutional misunderstanding.  Someone has to do something about it and set matters straight. Let us identify what is happening. A debate has begun to rage.  It concerns the identity of ...

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Reconsider status, role and appointment of Attorney General – Amend the Constitution!

5–8 minutes to read

The provisions of the Malaysian Federal Constitution - which regulate the powers of the AG are in a mess. Urgent reform is imperative.

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Time To Rebuild The Malaysian Judiciary

11–16 minutes to read

The Malaysian Judiciary has languished in darkness for four decades. Have we squandered the golden opportunity to reform it? Are we back to square one? Bringing in new judges won't cut it. ...

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