Are Bar Council elections based on Equality?

5–8 minutes to read

The way the Bar Council is elected does not reflect equality. More than 60% of the members of the Bar get no more than 11% influence in Bar Council's decisions. This is because Bar ...

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How to succeed at the Trial Court

16–24 minutes to read

Are there tricks to be more successful at trial work? There are. The 1st is Deep Preparation. The 2nd is a Chronology. The 3rd is a Trial Chart. Read on.

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How to succeed in Federal Court Leave Applications

11–17 minutes to read

Leave Applications to the Federal Court rarely succeed. Yet some counsel are consistently more successful than others. Is there a method to this madness? There is. These techniques are transferable. This article aims to ...

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Should courts discard the rule that reduces an accident victim’s compensation by 33%?

10–15 minutes to read

Do courts have the power to reduce damages under the '1/3 Contingency Rule'?

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Should a victim’s premature death deprive his estate of court-awarded damages?

6–9 minutes to read

If a road accident victim dies earlier than expected, what happens to the extra damages?

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Should judges condone inequitable behaviour of counsel?

5–7 minutes to read

How far should lawyers go to win a case? And how long should judges refuse to sanction counsel’s egregious conduct? Advocates and solicitors ( ‘lawyer’ and ‘counsel’ are used interchangeably) always must exhibit the highest level of ...

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