How did a Scottish snail and an Irish-Welsh judge protect you against carelessness?

12–18 minutes to read

There are many rights you enjoy today. You do not even think about them. But for a British judge and a Scottish snail, you may have lost it all. Should you not celebrate Lord Atkin?

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Is the sub-judice rule dead?

17–26 minutes to read

An ancient Roman law prevents press discussion of pending court cases. Isn’t that against freedom of speech? Against a free press? Is it a shield, or a sword, by which criticism against judicial idiosyncrasies ...

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Should enforcement agencies publish evidence to the public?

9–13 minutes to read

The MACC’s recent publication of 9 telephone recordings has set the nation abuzz. Is this within the Rule of Law?

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What do the Altantuya’s case, Lord Denning and the Birmingham Bombers have in common?

13–20 minutes to read

Quite a few things, actually. The first is the presence of explosive material. Second, whether the case could be re-opened. Read on …

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The Peter Mooney I knew

8–12 minutes to read

One day in 2006, while autumnal winds were nipping at my heels, Peter Mooney opened a door. He led me into Aladdin's Cave, filled with the universal beauty of language, a love of nature, an ...

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What is the difference between power and jurisdiction?

11–16 minutes to read

What do these two words mean? Are they interchangeable? Or are they different? If so, how?

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