Will the MPs vote obeying their oath, or party lines?

5 minutes to read

Two motions are pending before Parliament: (1) Motion calling for a Vote of No Confidence against the PM; and (2) Motion for the Replacement of the current Speaker of Parliament. If the Speaker motion succeeds, ...

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Is a Member of Parliament Your Trustee?

13–19 minutes to read

Is an MP disqualified from being an MP because he accepts wages from a third party? This is the wrong question to ask. Why?

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Virtual Court Hearings: should they be used all the time? [Part 2]

9–13 minutes to read

Why are we abandoning millions of years of biological communication technology for an imperfect system based on virtual court hearings?

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Is the 18th May Parliamentary Meeting lawful?

12–18 minutes to read

No. Why? Parliament is the House of the People. Can our leaders silence the voice of the people?

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