Can the King refuse to appoint a Prime Minister chosen by the MPs?

3 minutes to read

The answer is ‘No’. His Majesty the King cannot ignore, delay or refuse the appointment of a Prime Minister, if the candidate has the support of the majority of the MPs in the House of Representatives.

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Can the Government declare an ‘emergency’ to avoid a motion of No Confidence?

7–10 minutes to read

The answer is a 'No'. This nation is not the chessboard of irresponsible politicians. Our Constitutional rights hang in the balance. Will our King stand with the Rakyat?

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Was the Speaker right to refer the Motion of No Confidence to a Minister of the Crown?

9–13 minutes to read

Last week, the Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament declared that to table, in Parliament, a Motion of No Confidence against the PM, the motion needed the 'permission' of the Law Minister. Since when has any ...

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Who is qualified to be the Chief Minister of Sabah?

5 minutes to read

For the answer, you need to respond to two questions: (Q-1): Which single party has the most seats in the Legislative Assembly of Sabah? (Q-2): Who is the leader of that party? He is the ...

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