When can a person ‘scandalise a court’, or be punished for contempt?

11–16 minutes to read

In the last few days, the courts granted permission for the Attorney General to bring contempt proceedings against two practising lawyers. How does contempt work?

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Will a Royal Commission guarantee a squeaky-clean, independent judiciary?

10–15 minutes to read

Will the formation of a Royal Commission heal the Judiciary's deathly fever?

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What is so important about the Chinese New Year?

6–9 minutes to read

There are at least three reasons why the Chinese celebrate the New Year: one concerns a terrifying monster. The other is the winter solstice. The third is, by far, the most important. Read on...

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Can a judge dance?

8–12 minutes to read

Why not? Dancing is an expression of joy. A judge is human. Why should a judge be deprived of joy? Yet, whether a judge could dance publicly would depend on the occasion, wouldn’t ...

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Can the King resign?

6–9 minutes to read

Yesterday, there was a flurry of social media messages that the King had resigned. Can His Majesty do that? That is the question. What is the answer?

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What Next in 2019? Hades or glades?

5–8 minutes to read

From 09 May, 2018 to the last day of the year, a period spanning 236 days, much has happened - and not happened. The nation is poised between Darkness and Light, divided by a narrow ...

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