Is the 18th May Parliamentary Meeting lawful?

12–18 minutes to read

No. Why? Parliament is the House of the People. Can our leaders silence the voice of the people?

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Bolehkah Jawatan Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat (‘Speaker’) dilucutkan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia?

3 minutes to read

YB Tan Sri Annuar Musa Setiausaha Agong UMNO telah memberi kenyataan media pada bulan Mac 2020 bahawa terdapat kemungkinan Kerajaan akan menggantikan Speaker Dewan Rakyat dalam persidangan parlimen seterusnya. Adakah ini betul? Saya berpendapat, tidak.

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Can the Government Dismiss the Speaker of Parliament on May 18th?

1 minute to read

On the first week of March 2020, a politician said the government will have to dismiss the Speaker of Parliament. Can this be done? The short answer is, it is Parliament – not the Government ...

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A client who paid a King’s ransom

1 minute to read

Money is not everything. A farmer taught me this many years ago. This is his story.

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How should Employers overcome Employment challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic?

5 minutes to read

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated almost all Employers. Is there a way for them to deal with an almost impossible situation, without going under?

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Are temporary workers at risk during the Covid-19 Lockdown?

1 minute to read

Temporary and casual workers are at high risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. It explains why the law requires their wages to be paid.

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