An unattainable chasm? A layman’s evidential difficulties in disciplinary proceedings

6–9 minutes to read

“…[O]bserve with your own eyes and not with those of others, hearken with your own ears and not with the ears of others” —‘Abdu’l-Bahá

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Should social media be weaponised to battle sexual harassment?

8–12 minutes to read

“The friends of God must be adorned with the ornament of justice, equality, kindness, and love. As they [the men] do not allow themselves to be the object of cruelty and transgression, in like manner ...

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Should public drinking be outlawed?

7–11 minutes to read

Is public consumption of alcohol a fashion or an unacceptable menace? Should we outlaw it? What do you think?

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Should doctors’ disciplinary proceedings be simplified?

15–22 minutes to read

Are disciplinary proceedings against doctors far too complex? Are complainants at a disadvantage? Can these proceedings be simplified?

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How should we choose our top civil servants?

10–15 minutes to read

How should we choose our civil servants? Who chooses them? What are the criteria to be employed? How should they be fired?  Should not civil society and Parliament have a role to play? Should not ...

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The MACC quandary: Should stakeholders be consulted before public officials are appointed?

7–10 minutes to read

A great public uproar accompanied the sudden appointment of the MACC Chief. Behind the clamour lurks a Kraken of colossal importance: Should all national stakeholders have a say in the appointment of senior public servants? ...

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