Aaron Abraham, the Law Lecturer, and a difficult question

5 minutes to read

Mr Abraham was something of a mystery. Taciturn and inscrutable, he showed a combination of humility, compassion, industry and stamina that few of us can dream of.

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What is the legal consequence of Lim Guan Eng’s prosecution?

5 minutes to read

If you are an MP, and you are convicted of a crime, and if your sentence is not stayed by an order of court, then you cannot continue as an MP. You know what happened ...

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Do we have a Speaker in Parliament?

9–13 minutes to read

Did you realise that Malaysia has become the focal point of major constitutional issues in the last few years?   We have had all sorts of issues that have assailed the nation. Last week we had another. ...

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Will the MPs vote obeying their oath, or party lines?

5 minutes to read

Two motions are pending before Parliament: (1) Motion calling for a Vote of No Confidence against the PM; and (2) Motion for the Replacement of the current Speaker of Parliament. If the Speaker motion succeeds, ...

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Have you ever heard of the Art of the Disappearing Counsel?

2 minutes to read

The skill of putting across a point requires the skill that infuses all the writings of all civilisation. It is the oldest skill in the world. And here it is!

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Traditions of the Bar (Video)

1 minute to read

Are the traditions of the Bar nothing more than stuffy old rules for men and women in fancy dress? Or is there some reason behind it all? Check this out!

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