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GK is a lawyer, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘GKtv Law’.

GK is a lawyer, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘GKtv Law’.

Has ex-PM Najib lost his Parliamentary Seat?  

8–12 minutes to read

Was Art Harun, the Speaker, right, when he said, Najib could continue to sit as an MP, pending the King's decision over Najib's application for a royal pardon?

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Did the Federal Court Pre Judge the Najib case?

5 minutes to read

The answer to the question posed is a firm, ‘No’. There was nothing sinister in the Draft Judgement being ready. I will explain why.

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What next for Najib?

5–8 minutes to read

There are several things Najib can do. But first things first.

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The rise of ESG – the effect of the 2021 Shell case on global companies

4 minutes to read

The Shell Case casts a spotlight on the realities and impacts linked to the rise of ESG values in the corporate world.

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What is ‘Greenwashing’?

4 minutes to read

You know what a ‘whitewash’ is, don’t you? You know what a ‘whitewash’ is. That is when the truth is swept under the carpet.

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