What should law students and young lawyers be taught?

8–12 minutes to read

There is a growing concern across the world on how lawyers are being trained. What is the lawyer’s role in society? Is it not to uphold justice? Where have we failed them?

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Can the courts stop a prime minister from suspending Parliament? [Part-2 of 2: What the Supreme Court said, and Why]

8–12 minutes to read

We saw in Part-1 of 2, the problems that beset the UK when it chose to leave the EU. Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended Parliament because he wanted a Brexit ‘with no deal’. The ...

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Can the courts stop a prime minister from suspending Parliament? [Part-1: Johnson prorogues Parliament]

7–10 minutes to read

They can – as did the UK Supreme Court on 24 Sept 2019. The Court ruled that the PM Johnson’s advice to the Queen to suspend (‘prorogue’) Parliament had been unlawful. The Court declared ...

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Is a lawyer liable for negligence in the same way as a doctor?

11–16 minutes to read

A doctor carries out 3 duties: he diagnoses, advises and carries out a scheme of treatment for his patient. A lawyer does the same thing; only the methods vary. As do all professionals. Shouldn't their ...

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How much law must a lawyer know?

5–7 minutes to read

There are a million laws: parliamentary acts, rules, regulations and the common law. How much law must a practising lawyer know? This question was answered when a tramcar crashed into a horse-drawn wagon. The year was 1916. ...

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Can a person-about to be charged-tie the Attorney General’s hands?

8–12 minutes to read

Can a person prevent the Attorney-General from deciding to prosecute him? The former Director of the Asian International Arbitration Centre did just that. Would the courts agree? Read on ...

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