The Romans, the British, and the oracle at the Royal Military College

9–13 minutes to read

The year 2019 opens a door to many possibilities. Come ten years, where will the nation be? Will we be sunk by gradually returning to the old system? Will our leaders bring us ...

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Can Cabinet Ministers quarrel in public?

7–10 minutes to read

Public spats between ministers is on the rise. Is there a law against it? How does parliamentary democracy operate in these situations? If ministers feel strongly about something, what should they do? ...

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Is it time to regulate online legal services offered by non-lawyers?

9–13 minutes to read

The Internet is a Great Connector. On the one side are non-lawyers offering 'legal services'. On the other, unsuspecting consumers. If the consumer is given wrong advice, who will protect him? Is it time for ...

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Why do people decorate a Christmas tree?

3 minutes to read

The imagery of Christmas is all about. Adorned with colourful baubles, a living tree at the hearth. An array of twinkling lights, without. The promise of warm food. Strangers wishing each other, 'Merry Christmas!' And ...

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Should party-hopping be outlawed?

7–11 minutes to read

The country has been suffering from two things during this rainy reason. The one is the flu. The other is the increasing cacophony of frogs in the night. This proliferation of amphibian love calls has had ...

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Who will police the police? [Part-2: Solutions]

8–12 minutes to read

In Part-1, we saw how more and more people are dying in police custody. Suppose you are in charge. Given all the resources, how would you prevent this? What questions will you ask yourself? ...

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