Which is supreme: the Constitution, the monarchy or some other power?

7–11 minutes to read

A Ruler's power to appoint a Chief Minister is all the rage. A blogger once wrote that the monarch could appoint his gardener as prime minister. Was he right? This minor question begets larger ones. ...

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Are private hospitals immune from the negligence of their specialists? [Part-3]

11–16 minutes to read

Private hospitals have long been escaping blame for their specialists’ negligence. When a specialist falls into a terrible error, should not the courts – as a matter of policy – hold private hospitals liable? If ...

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Are private hospitals immune from the negligence of their specialists? [Part-2]

12–18 minutes to read

In Part-1, we examined the difficulties of using vicarious liability as a tool when dealing with private hospitals. In Part-2, we examine how the law in this area has developed, and where it should ...

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Are private hospitals immune from the medical negligence of their specialists? [Part-1]

8–11 minutes to read

First the courts said, ‘No'. Then they said, ‘Yes’. Afterwards they said, ‘It depends’. What does it all mean to you - and your loved ones?

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Is a hospital liable for the negligence of its non-medical staff?

7–11 minutes to read

You rush an injured friend to the hospital. The A&E staff say, "Please wait, we're busy". Your friend succumbs to his injuries. If you sued the hospital, will you win?

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When is a person ‘in contempt of court’?

11–16 minutes to read

Recently, the courts granted permission for the Attorney General to bring contempt proceedings against two practising lawyers. When can a person be 'cited for contempt of court'? How does the law of contempt work?

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