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GK is a lawyer, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘GKtv Law’.

GK is a lawyer, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘GKtv Law’.


3 minutes to read

The Asian International Arbitration Centre is the leading edge in Asian and Malaysian International arbitration.

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The Gopal Sri Ram I knew

8–11 minutes to read

He brought a level of legitimacy and credence to an institution that had been staggering under the weight of the 1988 judicial crisis.

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Why do Malaysian Ministers refuse to go on leave, or better still, resign, when their character in public office is called into question?

4 minutes to read

Ministers who suffer even a whiff of impropriety should immediately (1) make a public statement explaining the circumstances of the allegations against them; (2) allow space for enforcement agencies and Parliamentary Committees to do their ...

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What are your Fundamental Rights?

3 minutes to read

How does the Constitution protect you? What are your fundamental or basic rights?

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Can a hospital, or a police station deny service based on a dress code?

5–7 minutes to read

On January 30, 2023, a woman had been involved in a car accident. She wore above-knee shorts.  The Kajang Police Headquarters turned her away.

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