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GK is a lawyer, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘GKtv Law’.

GK is a lawyer, and runs a YouTube channel called ‘GKtv Law’.

Should the Anwar Government implement Corruption Amnesty?

5–7 minutes to read

Corruption is enmeshed throughout the Government. It cannot be ripped out without damaging the nation. Can kleptocrats be allowed to return what they stole, and let off with a minor punishment? Could only the recalcitrant ...

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Does the Speaker remain in office after the dissolution of Parliament?

3 minutes to read

The Speaker stays in office until he resigns, or another Speaker is appointed when the next parliament convenes.

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Anwar’s long journey begins…

7–10 minutes to read

After a meteoric rise, and tragic incarceration, Malaysia's new, and 10th prime minister Anwar, is poised to lead. But his path is strewn with hidden pitfalls and ripples with hissing vipers. Difficult days lie ahead.

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What happens when there is a ‘hung parliament’?

6–9 minutes to read

If no party, or coalition, has the minimum number of 112 MPs, then the King is required, by legal convention, to invite the leader of the coalition with the largest bloc of MPs, to form ...

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