The match maker’s witness statement

5 minutes to read

No, a match-maker isn't what you think it is. Recalling his days at the Bar, retired Federal Court Judge Datuk Prasad Abraham points to a story about the dangers of witness statements

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The Virago and her Handbag

4 minutes to read

Justice Prasad Abraham, the retired Federal Court Judge, once again trots out his third recollection of his days at the Bar. Here he recalls a fearsome opponent, and more pointedly, the significant contents of ...

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The powers of a briyani-infused paper

3 minutes to read

What is your view on briyani? Does it have magical powers? Justice Prasad Abraham, a former Federal Court Judge, recounts a second (real life) anecdote from his days at the Bar.

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The Mahaguru

4 minutes to read

Former Federal Court Judge Datuk Prasad Abraham is one of my favourite raconteurs. At the drop of a hat, he’d regale you with many a colourful tale. Here is a real-life anecdote from his days at ...

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Malay Rights, ICERD, Cikgu Khairuddin and Mr Nava

7–10 minutes to read

Shortly after the so called 'Malay Rights Provisions' were entrenched into the Constitution, two teachers, one ethnic Malay, and the other an ethnic Indian took a pupil - like so many others - and set ...

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Will Malaysia’s ratification of ICERD injure Malay Rights?

6–9 minutes to read

What is the 'International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination' (‘ICERD’)? Does it prejudice Malay Rights entrenched in Article 153 of our Constitution? What should Malaysia do? Ratify it, or denounce ...

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