Who will police the police? [Part-2: Solutions]

8–12 minutes to read

In Part-1, we saw how more and more people are dying in police custody. Suppose you are in charge. Given all the resources, how would you prevent this? What questions will you ask yourself? ...

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Who will police the Police? [Part-1]: The Problem

6–9 minutes to read

Hundreds of people continue to die in police custody. What has been the history of this problem?

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An outrageous story from a court

6–8 minutes to read

The most amazing things can happen in a court. Malaysia is a multiracial country. The official language is Malay, although English is allowed to be spoken in courts. Most workmen are not fluent in aristocratic ...

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Clients do the darndest things

4 minutes to read

In the last of his anecdotes, Justice Prasad Abraham, a former Federal Court Judge, recalls his days at the Bar - and his unusual experiences with some clients.

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Will AMLA burn lawyers and other professionals?

9–13 minutes to read

You bet. No - AMLA is not a reference to the Indian gooseberry, known for its medicinal properties. That fruit is not poisonous. The Malaysian AMLA is.  Here are some pointers on how it might bite ...

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The match maker’s witness statement

5 minutes to read

No, a match-maker isn't what you think it is. Recalling his days at the Bar, retired Federal Court Judge Datuk Prasad Abraham points to a story about the dangers of witness statements

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