Do lawyers obey the law?

1 minute to read

Do lawyers obey the law? They must. You cannot argue in court about the rightness of a legal principle, unless you are prepared to acknowledge its rightness. And obey it. But as there are bad doctors and bad ...

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What is the difference between ‘evidential burden of proof’ and ‘legal burden of proof’?

2 minutes to read

Najib Razak has been charged.  What will the prosecution have to do to succeed?  What will the Defence counsel do to break the prosecution case? One of things both sides will be doing is to look ...

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Is the ex-Chief Justice right? Should the AG be appointed from the Judicial & Legal Services?

6–9 minutes to read

In an article entitled, ‘Is the new AG choosing his briefs like a private lawyer? [26 June 2018]’ the ex-Chief Justice, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamed, suggests that the current Attorney General is unsuited to his job. He ...

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Our execrable Education System

4 minutes to read

Long ago, Lat drew a cartoon. It compared a study on mosquitoes carried out by a foreign scholar and a Malaysian one.  The foreign scholar is shown with a stack of books (volumes 1 to ...

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The call of the legal profession

5 minutes to read

I was once asked to answer three questions at once.  I think it was on Quora. Since then a lot of people have expressed interest in the questions and the answers I gave. I reproduce them ...

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Where is Sarwari No.1 of 1994?

3 minutes to read

There is a  gem of a case on Islamic probate law.  It was decided in 1994. For some reason it has not been reported.  It is a great mystery. This is the story of that case A ...

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