Can judges be hauled up before Parliament? How?

8–12 minutes to read

What happens when judges, bending like reeds in the wind, carry out the biddings of their political masters? Something extraordinary has to be done. Corrupt judges, past and present, ought to be publicly impeached. Can it ...

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Why the unholy rush to appoint a new Chief Justice and President of the Court of Appeal?

8–12 minutes to read

We are at it again. If a person makes an error once, one can attribute it to a lapse of judgement. If a person makes the same error repeatedly, something is not right. When the outgoing ...

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Karpal and Kit Siang – two colossi

5 minutes to read

Someone asked me last week, ‘What did Karpal do for us? What did Lim Kit Siang?’ I blinked. I thought I didn’t hear it right. What did they do? The guy who asked was young. ...

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How do the ‘Rule of Law’ and Separation of Powers’ really work?

8–11 minutes to read

In the last few weeks we have been hearing the phrase ‘the Rule of Law’. It is time to examine this and another related concept, the ‘Separation of Powers’. If we do, we will encourage our nation ...

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Gerrymandering: Destruction Of A Democracy-101

9–14 minutes to read

Is every vote of equal strength? Does every vote, cast at any part of the nation, possess the same effect? Let’s use the 2018 General Elections (GE-14) as an example. The Kapar parliamentary constituency [P109] represents one seat ...

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