What qualities should judges have?

5 minutes to read

Judges are the judicial equivalent of US Navy Seals. They are a select few. Their training is severe. Their work is unremitting. They have but three abiding qualities: to defend the Federal Constitution, ...

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Is the selection of judges transparent?

10–15 minutes to read

Is the current method of selecting judges, transparent? Should it be? What can be done to improve it?

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Should courts discard the rule that reduces an accident victim’s compensation by 33%?

10–15 minutes to read

Do courts have the power to reduce damages under the '1/3 Contingency Rule'?

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Should a victim’s premature death deprive his estate of court-awarded damages?

6–9 minutes to read

If a road accident victim dies earlier than expected, what happens to the extra damages?

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Is there an easier way to send political Fat Cats to prison?

8–12 minutes to read

Political Fat Cats are getting away. They've robbed our nation of its wealth. They employ all manner of delaying tactics. The people grow impatient. The authorities say, "Our hands are full. This will take ...

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Who is the Chief Minister of Sabah?

10–15 minutes to read

Sabahans are troubled by this question. Is that the only question?

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