Is the ex-Chief Justice right? Should the AG be appointed from the Judicial & Legal Services?

6–9 minutes to read

In an article entitled, ‘Is the new AG choosing his briefs like a private lawyer? [26 June 2018]’ the ex-Chief Justice, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamed, suggests that the current Attorney General is unsuited to his job. He ...

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Our execrable Education System

4 minutes to read

Long ago, Lat drew a cartoon. It compared a study on mosquitoes carried out by a foreign scholar and a Malaysian one.  The foreign scholar is shown with a stack of books (volumes 1 to ...

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The call of the legal profession

5 minutes to read

I was once asked to answer three questions at once.  I think it was on Quora. Since then a lot of people have expressed interest in the questions and the answers I gave. I reproduce them ...

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Where is Sarwari No.1 of 1994?

3 minutes to read

There is a  gem of a case on Islamic probate law.  It was decided in 1994. For some reason it has not been reported.  It is a great mystery. This is the story of that case A ...

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Thank you, Team Members for helping with these articles!

3 minutes to read

As most of these articles were written on an iPhone X, and in a great hurry, there were many grammatical errors.  I needed second opinions.  I needed someone to proof them. I had the help of ...

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Are We One Nation or Three?

5–7 minutes to read

When our forebears commenced building Malaysia 61 years ago, we were a plural nation. We comprised of many ethnic groups. We still do. Somewhere along the way, things changed. We have lost that Malaysian identity. ...

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