The difference between a power and a right

2 minutes to read

A right is inherent. It does not have to be written down anywhere. For example, the right to life, the right to religious freedom, the right to speak freely, or the right to associate with ...

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The Malaysian Bar’s Hall of Fame

3 minutes to read

We are all merely a package of our memories. You take away the memories, and you take away your personality.

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Can Senators be fired?

6–8 minutes to read

Can Senators be fired? The answer is Yes, and, No. The ‘No’ comes from those who say that the security of tenure of a Senator is unimpeachable. They point to Article 45 (3) of the Federal Constitution, ...

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Can a court grant a gag order?

7–10 minutes to read

When former prime minister Najib Razak was charged in court two days ago, the High Court, in the exercise of its criminal jurisdiction and powers, granted an interim gag order. Najib’s lawyer argued that Najib ...

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Can mass civil disobedience unseat a tyrannical government?

5 minutes to read

Whether mass civil disobedience can unravel a tyrannical government  is a difficult question to answer.  History reveals movements that have succeeded gloriously, or have failed miserably. A tyrannical government would be unfazed by any kind of ...

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Do lawyers obey the law?

1 minute to read

Do lawyers obey the law? They must. You cannot argue in court about the rightness of a legal principle unless you are prepared to acknowledge its rightness. And obey it. But as there are bad doctors and bad ...

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