Is there a way to protect yourself from a difficult contract during this pandemic?

How do you protect yourself – or your company – from the terrible financial consequences of this pandemic? This video shows you how.

This is the first episode of my series ‘The Legal Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic’.

This 23-minute video explains how you can protect yourself from a difficult contract during this pandemic.

It is easy to understand.

If you are a shipper, airline owner, transporter, or an oil and gas company spread across the globe, a supermarket owner, or run a vegetable farm, you need to watch this video.

Here, I cover the topic of Force Majeure

A Force Majeure event is an ‘unexpected event’.

A ‘force majeure clause’ in a contract deals with unforeseen events: it determines how parties have agreed to deal with such events. Force majeure clauses are widely used in international and commercial contracts.

This video explains, in lucid terms, at what a force majeure clause is, and how it works during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The industries to which this video is relevant are:



Building Construction




Estate Agents


Futures Trading

Human Resources


Real properties




But what if your contract has no force majeure clause?

Then you have to fall back on the concept of Frustration, which I explain in the video.

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