How to Succeed in Federal Court Leave Applications (Video)

Are there secret techniques on How to Succeed at Any Apex Court (Here Federal Court) Leave Applications? There are! And here they are! Share it widely, please. We need every lawyer – all over the world – to benefit.

Secret Technique

I have always wanted to do this video – and finally it is done!
Leave Applications to the any apex court (here the Federal Court) rarely succeed.
Of the 1000 Leave Applications filed before the FC, usually, 100 survive, and 900 fail. The ratio is one to ten.
Leave Applications are lost even before the hearing day.
This is because of bad technique.
Is there a method to this madness? There is.
Here is the Secret Formula for success! For Free!
These Secret Techniques are transferable. This video aims to transfer those skills. Here are 25 techniques for greater success in Leave Applications.

The Text Version of this may be found at my blog ‘Paradox’ at

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